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Strategies for Ethical and 

Environmental Development 


SEED is a nonprofit organization that recognizes the entanglement of human and non-human life, working to advance justice for 

animals, nature, and communities.

In the future,
we envision

We are on a mission

That governments recognize the interconnectedness of humans and nature and our public policies work to protect animals, the environment, and all communities.

To actively create that future by promoting justice that includes more than human subjects. We strive to bring together social, animal, and environmental movements and prioritize solutions focused on the most systemically oppressed.


The lives of

people, animals, and nature

are deeply connected. 

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media




Animal liberation: SEED works to protect the most abused and exploited non-human animals - those raised and killed for food. Over 150 billion land and marine animals are slaughtered for food each year. Raised in unsanitary conditions on factory farms, these gentle, sentient beings experience unimaginable cruelty and neglect during their short lives. Conventional industrial meat and dairy production is inefficient, unethical, and perpetuates world hunger. 


Environmental justice:  We prioritize nature-based solutions with the potential to protect the human and non-human communities most affected by environmental degradation and the climate crisis. Factory farming releases toxic air emissions, pollutes water bodies, and is a leading cause of deforestation and habitat destruction. Animal Agriculture uses one third of the planet's ice-free land and one third of global grain production - food that could instead be used to feed those experiencing global poverty. Factory farm runoff releases nitrates and phosphorus into ground and surface waters, poisoning drinking water for millions of people in the US alone. The environmental and climate impacts of factory farming are exponentially increasing, making systemic change more critical than ever.

Multi-species justice: We work to expand the notion of justice to include more than humans and strive to achieve the most equitable outcomes for both human and non-human communities. We seek to establish the inalienable rights of nature and animals as beneficiaries of legal protection, and challenge the notion that they are property to be exploited for profit. SEED advocates for a shift away from these modern legal frameworks and towards a recognition that nature and animals have an inherent right to exist and flourish for their own sake. We also strive to raise awareness of the systemic oppression inherent in industrial animal agriculture and other commercial industries, and we work to support farm and slaughterhouse workers in our advocacy as much as possible.


We prioritize systemic change. As a multi-issue organization, we seek to work in cooperation through coalitions and partnerships wherever possible. We take a holistic approach to our programs, which combine a wide variety of tactics, including: 

+ research and publications

+ investigations

+ public awareness and education
+ policy and legal advocacy

+ community-based projects 

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